Campfire Safety Reminder

The Prescott National Forest has lifted all fire restrictions and we ask the public to please be vigilant in your activities.  Stop, look, and think before you do something that may cause a spark or start of a fire in the Forest.  Unattended campfires are still the leading human cause of wildfire. Visitors who plan to enjoy campfires should carry enough extra water to be used specifically to extinguish campfires; avoid building fires on windy days; use metal grills and fire rings where provided; otherwise choose campfire sites carefully which are devoid of vegetation above, below or around the fire site; maintain small fires with no fuel protruding from the grill or fire ring and ensure all fires and smoking materials are completely extinguished and cold to the touch before leaving them for any reason.  (Drown with water, stir, drown and continue until cold. “Smothering” a fire with dirt is not sufficient to put the fire “dead out.”).

“I understand the communities concerns with the fire and shooting restrictions being lifted on Saturday.  We did not get enough weather to get us out of fire season, but we did get enough to get us out of restrictions based on the fuels indices.  The Prescott NF went into restrictions earlier than normal because of COVID and wanted to reduce the potential for a large project fire at that juncture due to the COVID and smoke risks to firefighters and our communities.  With shortening days and better humidity recovery at night, and for the most part out of the winds of spring, we are in a better place to remove the restrictions,” said Dale Deiter, Forest Supervisor Prescott National Forest.  “We are continuing to watch the weather and our indicators; and can reinstate restrictions if warranted.  Our default stance is always to have as few restrictions as possible on the public so they can enjoy their lands and as you are aware it is often a tough balancing act.”

Fire restrictions do not prevent wildfires.  It is every camper’s responsibility to properly maintain and extinguish a campfire to prevent wildfires.

As noted in our “One less spark – One less wildfire” campaign, pay attention to the area and vegetation around you if you’re welding; if you’re mowing the grass; or working with metals and rocks.  If you’re towing a trailer, ensure your safety chains are the appropriate length so they don’t drag on the roadways and ensure they are properly secured to your vehicle so they don’t come off and drag along the road as you drive.



Visitors can obtain additional information by visiting the Prescott National Forest Website: or by following us on Facebook or Twitter.