Mail-In Ballots? Problems Brewing in Nevada

In initial findings, watchdog group claims over 40,000 who have not voted in a decade or more will be mailed ballots; over 1,200 will be mailed two ballots.

Election Integrity Project, Nevada (EIPNv) sent notice on July 24 to Nevada’s Secretary of State (SOS) regarding possible failures by the state to comply with federal and state voter list maintenance laws. EIPNv’s report, based on its analysis of Nevada’s official voter registration file of July 18, 2020, alleges the following violations:

  • There are 41,040 registrants in Nevada with no apparent registration updates or voting activity since November 2, 2010 or prior. 3,331 have not voted in 16 or more years and 22,151 have records indicating they have NEVER voted, yet they remain in “Active” status. Though they have likely moved away or died, all 41,040 will be mailed ballots for November should the state decide to mail ballots to all “Active” registrants.
  • There are 1,289 registrants who appear to be registered twice. Of these, 1,226 will each be mailed two ballots under an all-mail election scenario. This includes 849 with two Active registrations each plus 377 with two Inactive Clark County registrations, should the county mail ballots to Inactives as it did in the June primary. EIPNv’s report documents five duplicated registrants whose data suggests they each voted twice by mail in June after receiving two ballots each in the mail.
  •  There are 74 registrants whose birth dates indicate they are 105+ years old and likely deceased. 40 of the likely deceased are Active status and will be mailed ballots under an all-mail plan.
  •  Should Clark County mail ballots to Inactive-status registrants, as it did in the June primary, an additional 14,327 Inactive registrants in the county will be mailed ballots, though they have not updated or voted in a decade or more and are likely eligible for cancellation.

“Federal law requires the state to maintain voter lists free of those who have died or relocated and to remove duplicated registrations,” said EIPNv representative Sharron Angle. “This is especially critical under all-mail voting. Unless ineligible registrations are removed, thousands of unclaimed ballots could go into circulation and increase the risk of unlawful voting. Mailing two or more ballots each to duplicated registrants allows– even ‘invites’ –voters to vote twice”.