Counterpoint: Medical Acuity — Biden Vs. Trump

I remember being a young child observing the campaign of the Ronald Reagan. When Reagan was inaugurated, he was 69 years old and just under three weeks short of his 70th birthday, thus a number of voters, as well as his opponents, made an issue of his age.

At that time, he was the oldest person to be elected and assume the role of president of the United States. Reagan held that distinction until January 2017 when Donald Trump was inaugurated.

When Reagan ran for office in 1980, many of his critics felt he was too old to lead. They used his tendency to forget stories as well as various details as the basis for their accusations. Reagan himself stated he would resign if the White House doctors determined that he was mentally unfit. As most of us know, Reagan served two terms in office and helped usher in the fall of communism throughout most of the world.

Fast forward to the 2020 presidential election where candidates President Donald Trump, age 74, and former Vice President Joe Biden, age 77, are vying for the highest office of the land and the title of commander in chief. Although there has been some mention of both candidates’ ages and mental acuity, has there been enough? Shouldn’t we as the voting public know not only each candidate’s physical health but their cognitive health as well.

In the past year we, the American public, have watched the decline of the mental perceptivity of Biden. Although he has been known for his gaffes over the years, his rambling answers to short-answer questions as well as off stories should be a cause of worry for those in the Democratic Party.

In this election campaign we have seen Biden doing only pre-taped sit-down interviews and avoided pre-pandemic rallies and town halls. He has publicly mangled the Declaration of Independence, confused the days of the week by referring to Super Tuesday as Super Thursday, told black Trump voters they were not black, talked about children rubbing his legs, he stated he chose “truth over facts,” referred to himself as president of the United States, and the list goes on.

If this was an older relative, it would worry us because we care about them, but we would understand since that is part of the aging process. But to see such a display in someone running for the position of leader of the Free World should send shivers down anyone’s back. The fact that Biden’s campaign energy and momentum will come from his vice-presidential pick should anger many.

How can anyone voting in this election not want to vote for the person who will serve as president and not just a place holder. In voting for Trump, one knows they are not voting for a person who will never serve as president of the United States. We know, despite his critics,Trump would be a president who is clear thinking, quick, sharp and does not let anything slide. Even though his critics may disagree with the way he delivers his messaging, it is always on point and not jumbled rambling.

This November, voters need to take this election more serious than they are. When we casually dismiss Biden’s gaffes and rambling, we are doing a disservice to not only this country but to the legacy that Biden formed with his long career in Congress as well as serving as vice president.