Opinion: “The Talk”

There has got to be millions of Americans who have lost all patience with the Antifa and BLM riots, arson, looting and vandalism of statues and property.  In the midst of all of this lawlessness and anarchy, the so-called progressives are now calling for defunding police. They have already eliminated bail in many cities and states where the worst public violence has occurred, which can only result in the continuation and/or increase in the carnage and destruction.

In between showing video of these “mostly peaceful demonstrations”,  leftist talking heads will state the cause for the discontent of the demonstrators is “systemic racism” in law enforcement and the criminal justice system. They never define what systemic racism is, but always point to the fact that more people of color are imprisoned. As proof that it exists, they point to every video of police interaction with minorities from Rodney King to George Floyd. The left leaning mainstream media not only likes to fan the flames of racial division, they like to throw gas on it by continuously re-showing videos of alleged police misconduct. Then they will expound on how police need more and better training.

Interspersed between the videos, the media will invariably interview some black leftist expert, professor or pundit who will enlighten us on how black parents will sit their children down, especially their sons, and give them, “the talk”. This talk is about how to react when stopped by white police officers. Evidently, not all black parents give this talk, or not all the kids listen, or the parents aren’t giving the right information, because every one of these video incidents would not have occurred if resistance to lawful police arrests had not occurred.

The biased left leaning media and radical progressives want everyone to think that police go out every day to hunt down, beat, arrest and kill people of color. They want us to think that the courts, judges and juries convict defendants based on the color of their skin rather than the evidence.

Although the majority of major newspapers, network and cable news shows push this agenda, the majority of Americans still don’t believe it, because the statistics show the exact opposite. For last year, the FBI Uniform Crime Reporting shows that of the 10 million arrests law enforcement made, there were 1004 subjects that were killed in encounters with police, 41 of these deaths were of unarmed suspects. 19 of those were white and 9 were black. During that same time period, 89 police officers were killed.

The Black Lives Matter leadership doesn’t care about any black lives except those that can divide our country along racial, gender, economic or sexual orientation lines. If they did, they would be holding demonstrations in Chicago, New York, LA, Washington D,C., and any other city where blacks are shooting and killing other blacks in record numbers. With the rise in lawlessness in cities that want to defund the police, reports state that black children and babies are increasingly becoming the murder and shooting victims of black criminals. Where are the protests by BLM, Antifa, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson?

As far as “the talk” that black parents give their children about the proper way to act when interacting with police, (all parents, regardless of color should give the same talk to their children), the conscientious black parent should advise their kids where the real danger lies. Statistics have been consistent for the last four or five years and they show that black victims are more than 30 times more likely to be killed by black criminals than by police.