Opinion: Minneapolis – Cracks in Society

This country of ours, this shining city upon the hill which Puritan pilgrim John Winthrop first spoke of, and Ronald Reagan expounded upon, has had its light dimmed. It is not shut off, yet, but we are dangerously close to darkness. If the only bright light in America last night was a fire at a

It’s Memorial Day!

On this Memorial Day, we honor the American heroes who have sacrificed their lives serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. Our President and First Lady will make two stops to historic and patriotic sites today. One is Fort McHenry, which is on a peninsula in Baltimore. America was brought into a war between France and

Memorial Day 2020 – A Message From Our Publisher

  Memorial Day 2020, will be a quiet event for most of us this year. The lingering effects of the COVID 19 shutdown have cancelled the customary public commemorations at Prescott’s Veterans Cemetery and Citizen’s Cemetery, both founded in 1864. They are the final resting place for over 3000 of our nation’s veterans reaching as

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