Local students receive scholarships for 2020-21 academic year

As Prescott High School celebrates the graduation of its senior class this Saturday, August 8, the Arizona Community Foundation of Yavapai County recognizes some of its students—as well as some non-traditional students—who received scholarships for the 2020-2021 academic year. Our living scholarship fund holders are passionate about ensuring students in Yavapai County achieve their academic goals, while several memorial scholarships honor community members beyond their lifetimes by supporting students who embody their values. Below is a list of some of the scholarships offered through ACF of Yavapai County and the 2020-2021 recipients:

  • Wayne E. Beck Memorial Scholarship – Dr. Beck loved and supported Prescott, Prescott High School, and the University of Arizona. He believed that education and the doors it opened allowed him to serve the community he loved. His family hopes recipients of the scholarship established in his honor will open doors that allow them to serve the communities they love. Awarded to: Marley Engisch
  • Derk Janssen Memorial Scholarship – Derk Janssen was a kid at heart, enjoyed helping those around him find the ‘spark’ in their lives, and loved teaching. He spent a considerable amount of time on the writings of J.R.R. Tolkien, especially focused on The Lord of the Rings. These books allowed his students’ imaginations to run wild (and for Derk to dress up and play the part of Gandalf the Wizard for a full week). Derk also loved all forms of competition, and the Academic Decathlon was the perfect venue for him to teach preparation, strategy, and public presentation skills to his students. His students used to say, “live like Janssen!” and this scholarship is awarded each year to the student who embodies the life of Derk Janssen. Awarded to: Sidney Hill 
  • Roberta Stallings Memorial Scholarship – This scholarship was established to honor the memory of Roberta Stallings who was a longtime teacher at Taylor Hicks Elementary School. She was well respected and loved by students and faculty alike. She served as a building block on which students could grow and fulfill their lifelong dreams. Awarded to: Katie Winter 
  • Gheral Brownlow Memorial Track Scholarship – This scholarship was established to honor the memory of Gheral Brownlow, an advocate of track and cross-country activities in the Prescott community. He was a businessman and politician who cared deeply about his community. He started both the Man vs. Horse Marathon and the Whiskey Row Marathon, along with many other races to support nonprofit organizations. Awarded to: Makenna Bray and Makenzie Ingalina 
  • Findlay Auto Group Scholarship – Presented by Findlay Auto Group, this scholarship recognizes academic excellence as well as a dedication to community service and volunteerism. It is given to a student who possesses excellent leadership skills. Awarded to: Marley Engisch 
  • Bill Fain Memorial Scholarship – The Fain family has been a part of the history of Yavapai County and the cattle industry since the late 1800s. Bill was a true cowboy and a critical thinker who loved the University of Arizona. He was known as a man of his word, and for his generosity, work ethic, and foresight in building the town of Prescott Valley. This scholarship was established to honor Bill’s memory and support students who embody these values. Awarded to: Jacob Police 
  • Mingus Mountain Law Scholarship – This scholarship was established for a high school senior who has demonstrated service to the community, ability to problem solve, leadership skills, accomplished academics, and a sincere interest in entering the legal profession. Awarded to: Madison Jackson 
  • Pat Carmody Love of Education Scholarship – This scholarship was established to benefit non-traditional students who have demonstrated a vested interest in returning to school to pursue higher education. Pat was this type of student herself: juggling children as a single mother, working to give them a stable home, and going back to school to make life better for them all. Awarded to: Dave Becker and Samantha Hurt

The COVID-19 pandemic has left many students feeling uncertain about their academic futures. The turbulent circumstances continue as the pandemic evolves and schools across the nation respond to shifting priorities. At ACF of Yavapai County, we are committed to staying in touch with our scholarship recipients and fundholders alike to ensure we are available to provide support and answer questions.

For more information about scholarship opportunities, you can contact me at CChamberlain@azfoundation.org or call 928.583.7815.