New McSally Bill Requires Online Retailers to Disclose If Product is Made in China

U.S. Senator Martha McSally (R-AZ) today introduced legislation that would require online retailers like Amazon to disclose the origin of products made in China.

“China works every day to subvert American interests and supplant the United States as the world’s dominant power,” McSally said. “American consumers deserve to know if a product they purchase online is made in China before they buy it, particularly now as we continue to suffer from the fallout of a pandemic that Beijing unleashed on the world. My bill requires transparency from online retailers like Amazon, so that consumers are not misled about the origin of any products made in China.”

The bill stipulates that online retailers legibly state on a noticeable place on the webpage if a product or a major component of that product originated in China, or if the product was manufactured or assembled in China.

Bill text can be found HERE.

Last week, McSally spoke on the Senate floor to discuss actions she’s taken in the Senate to hold the Chinese government accountable for its malevolent actions against the United States.

Specifically, McSally’s bill would: 

  • Amend the Tariff Act of 1930 to require online retailers to disclose the origin of articles that come from the People’s Republic of China. The bill defines online retailers as any person that sells, through an online marketplace or e-commerce platform and requires them to legibly state on a conspicuous place on the webpage the following items:
    • If the article originated in China.
    • If any major component of the article originated in China.
    • If the article was manufactured in China.
    • If the article was assembled in China.