The Fourth of July, Statues & Defunding the Right Groups

This weekend we are celebrating the 4th of July. We won’t be celebrating with our annual parade here in Prescott because most of our governmental shepherds don’t believe that we have the intellectual ability to decide for ourselves if we would be in danger in the open air, even if we did socially distance. They think we are sheep, and like sheep, the shepherds must lead us to safety. Like sheep we can’t be trusted to decide for ourselves if we are in the sub-group that is at risk to catch the virus. We are too dull to decide for ourselves if we want to risk being outside to watch a parade.

Don’t misunderstand, if someone is obese, has diabetes, heart or respiratory problems, he or she should wear masks and stay away from large groups. But that decision should be the individual’s and not imposed by the so-called “health experts,” whose advice over the last four months has, more often than not, been inconsistent and contradictory.

We should be celebrating our country’s founding with family and friends. It is still the best, freest, most generous and least racist country in the history of the world. If it wasn’t, why would people from other countries, of all races, continue to want to come here? If it is such a bad, racist, oppressive country, why is there no mass exodus from the US?

While we all should be thanking God we live here, there are those who hate the United States and want to destroy it. These anti-American “useful idiots” are the ones who are rioting, burning buildings, businesses and vandalizing and pulling down this nation’s historical statues. This is a blatant attempt to erase our country’s history.

I saw Secretary of HUD, Ben Carson, on television the other night. He suggested that, rather than tearing down statues, we erect new ones to little known black Americans who have contributed to the betterment of our country. One of the names he suggested was Lewis Latimer, who served in the Union Navy in the Civil War and later invented a carbon filament that enabled the incandescent lightbulb to last much longer than previous filaments. Earlier, his draft drawings were used by Alexander Graham Bell for the patent on the first telephone. While Latimer has no direct connection to Prescott and statues are very expensive, it would still be a great project for our city to start a fund to erect a statue to Lewis Latimer in the Courthouse Plaza. After all, his filament, or its industrial descendant, is what makes our Plaza explode in color and light every Christmas season.

The other thing those that hate our nation want to do is defund the police. To make the United States a better country, there are a lot of groups that need to be defunded, but law enforcement, at any level, is not on any reasoning person’s list. At the top of the list should be Black Lives Matter. In a 2015 interview, one of BLM founders, Patrisse Cullors stated that she and co-founder Alicia Garza were, “trained Marxists”. So who would fund such a Marxist organization?

Several of the big tech companies have donated directly to BLM or to groups that are affiliated with them. Google, Amazon, and Apple have donated tens and up to $100 million dollars to BLM and/or causes they support. Walmart, Target and Home Depot have also made large contributions. And those are just a sample of the companies making these donations. It is hard to say why these capitalist companies would make such large corporate donations unless they bowed to some sort of extortion by BLM, the kind of extortion that has been used in the past by Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

It has been reported that when the NBA starts its new season, they are going the paint “Black Lives Matter” on the basketball courts they will be playing on. If this is true, and several predominant NBA players have expressed their support for this Marxist organization, then there is a solution that will prove both the NBA and these players’ sincerity: both the NBA and these players should donate 95% of their profits and salaries to BLM or other so-called social justice organizations.

It is more than likely that those National Football League players who take a knee during the National Anthem support Black Lives Matter. I’m sure the NFL commissioner and those players would also like to donate 95% of their profits and salaries so they won’t look like hypocrites by supporting a communist organization and not supporting the income redistribution tenets of that philosophy.

In the meantime, those of us who love our country should not support with our business, those companies that donate to BLM. We should write or email those companies and tell them why we are withdrawing our business from them. We should not attend NBA and NFL games. We should not watch those games on TV or listen to them on the radio, except to find out who their sponsors are. Then we should write or email those sponsors and tell them we are withdrawing our business while they sponsor these overpaid, elitist athletes and sports leagues.

The left has been using these tactics successfully for at least a decade. It is time to turn the tables on them. There are a whole lot more of us in the silent majority than there are in vocal social justice minority.